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See what a little pampering can do for your skin

Laser Hair Removal | Washington, MO   | Washington Skin Solutions | 6362397546

Relaxing and rejuvenating care

If you feel like your skin could use some TLC, it's time to try something new. With a facial specifically designed to target your problem areas, you can expect excellent results. Our licensed aesthetician, Dana, can give facials, microdermabrasions, and chemical peels - all of which can reduce fine lines and wrinkles to smooth out skin tone.

Aesthetics and facials not only help the appearance of your skin, they can also relax you and help you feel at ease. With a little pampering, your skin can look younger, healthier, and revitalized like never before.

• Acne clearing facials
• Anti-aging treatments
• Calmitude facials
• Back facials

Additional Services
• Lash and Brow Tinting
• A Variety of Waxing Services
• Peels: Pumpkin, Glycolic, Lactic, and Alphablend

TCA Peel - The TCA Peel is a more aggressive, medium depth peel. Redness, tightness, and swelling may occur. Peeling will occur for up to 10 days. This peel will reduce the appearance of wrinkles, freckles, brown spots and deep pores. We recommend 3 peels 20 days apart. You will see a significant difference.

Microdermabrasion - we offer two different types of Microdermabrasion. Both procedures will leave your face feeling smooth and soft, reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots, freckles and large pores.
• Crystals - with this microdermabrasion process, we do three passes over the face. The machine blows aluminum oxide crystals into the face, then vacuums them back up, removing dead skin cells in the process.
• Diamond Tip - this process uses a diamond tip head going over the face in one pass, removing dead skin cells.

Whether you’re looking to relax, exfoliate, or find the solution for clearer, younger skin, we can help you look your best.

Are you ready to take the next step in skin care? Make an appointment today!


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